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Ana Figueroa

Specialist in: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia
Located in: El Segundo, CA

Your personal travel consultant! Premier Aussie Specialist (certified by Tourism Australia)

Experience in: Independent Itineraries, Family Vacations, Action/Adventure

Hello, my name is Ana and I’m passionate about travel. I have had the chance to travel extensively to many of the destinations we sell. My expertise is independent itineraries to Australia,  New Zealand, Fiji and Asia.

Favorite Destination(s):

Australia - Australia is my favorite destination. There is no place on earth that is like it. From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, every region is uniquely diverse and holds something special for every traveler.

New Zealand - The landscapes in New Zealand make it my favorite destination; from the high mountain peaks to stunning lake views and breathtaking backdrop sceneries. With the lack of crowds (sheep exempted), it’s possible to be on the road driving through gorgeous trees and green pastures and not run into a soul for miles.

Other Languages Spoken Fluently:Spanish

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