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Winter in New Zealand
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Switching your summer to visit New Zealand in winter isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Visiting the ‘land of the long white cloud’ during these months definitely has its positives - you will enjoy the absolute best value for money, uncrowded places and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Winter

  1. Best Value Airfares & Savings - always the best months to travel if you are looking for the lowest airfares and bonus offers at hotels, plus lower rates on sightseeing.
  2. Snowcapped Mountains - take a heli flight over them, ride a train through them, ski, skydive, bungy or just admire them from afar… snowcapped mountains are beautiful no matter what the view.
  3. Whale Watching - some of the best months to see pods of whales mid migration is in winter.
  4. Glaciers - they are at their best, hiking at Franz or Fox Glacier is great in winter, and with less rain it is also easier to walk on the ice.
  5. Baby Seals - there is a beautiful waterfall north of Kaikoura on the South Island and in winter months it is filled with lots of baby seals – a hidden gem!
  6. Events - the Matariki festival is held throughout New Zealand June-July. This is an important time in the Maori calendar, strongly connected to the seasons and a celebration of the upcoming year.
  7. Southern Lights - the lesser known cousin of the Northern Lights can be seen in some southern parts of New Zealand on clear winter nights.
  8. Queenstown in Winter - this year-round alpine resort has so much to enjoy year round. In winter, Queenstown is buzzing with skiers, and also hosts the Queenstown Winter Festival.
  9. Trout Fishing - May through to October is when the main spawning runs occur in Lake Taupo. This is what make Taupo trout fishing world famous, and people travel from all over the world to sample some of the best winter trout fishing in the Southern Hemisphere.
  10. Thermal Hot Pools - there are many places, but Rotorua, Franz Josef, Lake Tekapo and Hamner Springs all have hot springs in which to soak and enjoy amazing views. Nice on either a rainy day or a cool evening!

Winter weather in New Zealand
Winter months bring cooler weather and rain to parts of the country, but many places experience a mild winter. Highs range from between 50–61F, but the ‘winterless north’ is warmer. As you travel south temperatures decrease, so on the South Island, frosts and snowfall are common – great for skiing and snowy mountain views.

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