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Aranui Tahiti Freighter Cruises
Adventure cruise to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia

The Aranui is a unique cruising experience that gives passengers a rare look into the cultural, historical and rugged side of French Polynesia. Doubling as a passenger cruise ship and a cargo vessel that operates between Tahiti and the Marquesas, Aranui, delivers much needed supplies to the outer islands of French Polynesia. For cruise passengers the vessel offers comfortable air-conditioned accommodations, a large deck to relax, swimming pool and a full service bar where you are able to enjoy exotic tropical drinks as the Aranui winds her way among the islands of the Marquesas.

Boasting a Polynesian crew Aranui, has been introducing the remote islands in the Marquesas to adventurous travelers for 30 years. With no protective barrier reefs the Marquesas offer a much different landscape to the more well traveled Society Islands. As you sail to these remote areas the islands appear to be uninhabited as most of the villages are located inland in the valleys, each separated by steep mountains. Guided excursions at several ports will take you to villages where artisans practice their ancients crafts of wood and stone carvings. For the more adventurous, challenging hikes into the valleys reveal fascinating ancient artifacts of the Marquesan culture such as giant tikis and stone temples.

After visiting all 6 of the inhabited islands in the Marquesas, make your way back to Papeete with stops in Rangiroa in the Tuamotus and Bora Bora in the Society Islands.

14 Day Cruise

Departure dates for 2016: July 23; August 13; September 3, 24; October 15; November 5, 26; December 17

(*) Prices are US Dollars per person.