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Tahiti Sightseeing and Excursions

Aqua Safai - Helmet Dive
Moorea Dolphin Center
Tahiti Diving
Ray Snorkel Safari
Dinner at Bloody Mary's Restaurant
Sail Boat at Sunset
4WD Mountain Safari
Moorea 4WD Safari
Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Moorea Dolphin Experience



Circle Island Tour
Your guide will relate some of the history and legends as you visit One Tree Hill lookout, Point Venus lighthouse, the Arahoho Blowhole, Te Faaraumi Waterfall, and the Gauguin Museum. Enjoy a buffet lunch at the Gauguin Restaurant. Tour operates daily.

4WD Mountain Safari
This half-day adventure gives you the opportunity to explore the lush interior of Tahiti. Take a fun 4-wheel drive tour into the crater that originally formed Tahiti over a million years ago. Stop at One Tree Hill and then take a short drive along the scenic east coast to the Papenoo Valley where you turn inland to begin your adventure filled with deep valleys, thick rainforests, beautiful large waterfalls and lakes. Full-day adventure with picnic lunch also available.

Moorea Day Tour with Lagoon Excursion and Motu Picnic
Spend the day exploring, swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise lagoon of Moorea. You will have the opportunity to swim with the sharks, feed the fish and rays or simply relax on a motu (islet) while the crew prepares a delicious picnic lunch. Includes all transfers, including ferry to/from Moorea.

Downtown Papeete and Le Marché

Visit downtown Papeete and Le Marché, a colorful and exciting marketplace to experience a taste of Tahiti’s culture and people. Here you can shop for pareos, handicrafts and black pearls or browse boutiques.

Les Roulottes
Each night after sunset, you can enjoy a variety of inexpensive, fresh and well-prepared dishes in an informal, lively atmosphere at Papeete’s famous restaurants on wheels along the waterfront. A favorite with locals and visitors, Les Roulottes offer a wide selection of tasty dining, such as BBQ steaks, poisson cru, shish-kebab, pizza, fish and chips, Chinese food, crêpes and much more -- the choice is yours!


ATV Discovery Tour
After an easy test drive on the ATV Quads, you will start your adventure by discovering Cooks Bay. Then drive through the Paopao Valley by using the island ring road passing through pineapple fields before arriving at Le Belvedere Lookout Point for amazing views of Cooks and Opunohu Bays. You will continue to the interior trails of Opunohu and stop at the agricultural college where you discover various tropical plants, flowers and fruits, native to French Polynesia, including Jam and Fruit Juice tasting. Then ascend Magic Mountain, an optional hike that travels the last 300 feet (91 meters) to the summit for a stunning view of Moorea's North Shore. Tour operates daily at 9am and 1:30pm

Tiki Village Dinner & Show
Experience an unforgettable evening when you visit this traditional Polynesian village. You will enjoy a traditional feast and be entertained with Tahitian music and dancers. Time permitting, your admission includes a complimentary visit one afternoon to interact with the local artisans of the village. Transfers to/from your resort are included. Tour operates Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Moorea Dolphin Experience
This encounter combines hands-on contact, education and fun. Meet these amazing dolphins and enjoy their grace and agility.

Moorea Dolphin Center Apnea Breathing Experience
A dolphin will guide you into another world underwater. After an introduction to marine biology, you will observe this incredibly skilled swimmer, underwater. These remarkable creatures will parade in front of you, perform jumps and flips and show off. Holding firmly onto the dolphin’s pectoral and dorsal fins, let yourself be towed for an unforgettable ride!

Glass Bottom Boat Snorkeling Adventure
This 3 hour guided lagoon adventure is a small group tour operating with a maximum of 10 guests. As you cruise through Moorea’s crystal clear blue lagoon, you have the option of observing the colorful sea life in their natural habitat from the comfort of the boat, or you can snorkel in coral gardens, observe sharks in their natural habitat and get up close and personal with magnificent stingrays. Knowledgeable guides are there to educate you about the marine life and to answer questions about the Tahitian culture. Mineral water and fresh fruits are included. Masks and snorkels will be provided.

Car Rental
Set your own schedule and create your own adventure while exploring Moorea’s villages. Travel along the 37-mile road that circles the base of the mountain peaks, meet locals and travel to Belvedere lookout for views over the island and surrounding lagoons.

Moorea 4WD Safari
Enjoy an exciting half-day 4WD excursion -- through lush tropical valleys and up volcanic peaks for spectacular views of the island and lagoon. Learn about historical and archaeological sites, take a short hike to Belvedere lookout, and stop at a pineapple factory to sample local liqueurs and fruit juices. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.

Lagoon Excursion including Motu Picnic
Spend the day snorkeling and exploring the amazing underwater world in Moorea’s beautiful lagoon. You will have the opportunity to feed the colorful fish and rays, and swim with the sharks. Enjoy the afternoon on a motu (islet) and learn to husk a coconut and prepare the famous Tahitian poisson cru (fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice). Tour operates Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Bora Bora

Glass Bottom Boat Tour
A great way to enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora’s underwater world without getting wet. Float gently over dazzling, multicolored coral and marine life, and learn about history and facts of the famous lagoon. Tour operates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Shark & Ray Snorkel Safari
You’ll be provided with snorkeling gear and taken to the outer reef. Watch from the water, or the boat if you prefer, as the Tahitian divers “call” blacktip lagoon sharks for an up-close viewing. Then, visit a sandy-bottomed location where your guide will coax friendly stingrays to play among you for a chance to touch and play with these graceful, harmless creatures. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.

Private Shark & Ray Watching by Glass Bottom Boat
A wonderful and romantic way to get acquainted with Bora Bora’s sea life. View blacktip sharks, sting rays and the colorful tropical fish through a large glass window in the bottom of the boat. You will also have the oppor tunity to swim in the crystal clear lagoon. Tour operates daily.

Aqua Safari -- Helmet Dive
No diving experience is required, and you don’t even need to know how to swim to discover Bora Bora’s spectacular underwater world. Don a wetsuit and a yellow ‘Aqua helmet’ and walk in just a few feet below the surface, surrounded by a myriad of multi colored, tropical fish. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.

Bora Bora 4WD Safari
You’ll tour places only accessible via 4WD. Enjoy great views of Bora Bora’s natural harbor and Matira Beach from Pahonu Hill, then ascend further and visit the seven-inch cannons still in their original World War II locations. The highlight of the trip is the view of Faanui Bay from a traditional plantation high up in the mountains. You’ll learn both the history and the island way of life on this tour. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.

Dinner at Bloody Mary's Restaurant
Offering your choice of the freshest local catch-of-the-day accompanied by an exotic array of lush tropical drinks, this internationally acclaimed dining experience is not to be missed. Transfers to/from your hotel are included. Closed on Sunday.

Jet Skiing
Explore the beautiful lagoon surrounding Bora Bora at leisure on your jet ski. Available at many resorts -- ask for details.

Private Champagne Sunset Cruise
This romantic 2 hours sunset escapade aboard a 25’ Cap Camarat will give you and your loved one everlasting memories. Simply relax and sip some champagne as the sun is setting over Bora Bora’s stunning lagoon. Tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off, as well as fresh local fruit, soft drinks, beer and champagne. 

Bora Bora Exclusive Lagoon Tour
During this small group tour with maximum 6 couples, you will have 6 hours to explore Bora Bora’s famous lagoon. Snorkel in the coral gardens, swim in pristine waters, encounter sharks, stingrays, colorful fishes and then simply relax and enjoy a delicious local style barbeque on a small motu. Hotel pick-up and drop-off, snorkeling gear, lunch and beverages are included. 


Drift Snorkeling at Tiputa Pass
This is a "lazy person's" snorkeling! A boat takes you out and drops you in the Pass, then you float with the tide as you take pleasure in the sea life unfolding below you. Tour operates daily.


Pink Sand Motu Picnic
Play "Castaway" on your private pink sand islet, set in the transparent waters of the Tikehau lagoon, only a 30-minute boat ride from your resort. Swim with colorful tropical fish and explore this natural paradise. Enjoy a picnic lunch and a day of pure relaxation.


Black Pearl Farm
The mysteries of the fabled black pearl are revealed on your visit to one of the few places on Earth where Polynesian black pearls are grown. Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


4WD Safari
An unforgettable trip with spectacular views, fruit tasting and vanilla plantation. Learn the importance and uses of various plants in Polynesian culture.

Private Motu Picnic
Indulge yourself with a private half­-day excursion in the turquoise lagoon, including a visit to a black pearl farm and a special Tahitian lunch for two with wine on the beach.


4WD Historic & Religious Sites
Explore Raiatea's numerous archaeological sites, including French Poly­nesia's most famous and best preserved Taputapuatea marae (temple).


4WD Archaeological Sites
Embark on an exploration of the ancient past with an archaeological tour among the network of historic maraes (ancient temples). As well as these religious and mythical sites, you will see stone fish traps, Fare village -- the largest town on the island -- and giant blue-eyed eels. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.

Other excursions are also available. Ask for details.

(*) Prices are US Dollars per person.