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Sightseeing & Experiences...
In and Around Beijing

Icons of China.
Indulge in a tradtional foot massage.
Sumptuous Beijing Duck dinner.
Summer Palace and royal gardens.

Great Wall & Ming Tombs

Built more than 2,000 years ago, the Great Wall is one of the most impressive structures ever built. After exploring this famous icon, enjoy lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Visit the elaborate Ming Tombs and see the only excavated tomb and its Underground Palace. Hotel transfers and lunch are included. Tour available by coach or private car.

Traditional Chinese Foot Massage

Foot massage is a time-honored practice in China, where it is believed the body's trouble is reflected on the feet. Massaging the acupressure points on the feet quickens blood circulation and can improve general health. Relax and indulge in a 90-minute treatment in gentle surroundings. This massage is highly recommended, especially after you climb the Great Wall. Hotel transfers are included. Departs daily.

Hutong Cultural Tour

On this truly unique experience, go behind the scenes into Hutong, the old city of Beijing. Ride on a traditional, three-wheeled passenger cycle to the Drum Tower to view Hutong's labyrinth of alleys and streets. This unique Hutong tour by rickshaw will offer a glimpse of life in traditional Beijing. Tour is 2 hours and includes hotel transfers. Departs daily.

Beijing Duck Dinner

Beijing Duck is China's number one specialty meal. This sumptuous dinner will be served at the Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, which was initially established in 1864 and has sold over 100 million ducks. The meal consists of a delicious selection of hot dishes, including roast duck and a rich duck soup. Tour is approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours and includes private transfers. Departs daily at 6:30pm.

Forbidden City, Summer Palace & Temple of Heaven

This morning you will visit Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world. From here you will enter the gates of the Forbidden City, built between 1368 and 1905. In the afternoon, visit the Summer Palace, one of the largest royal gardens in the world. Then visit the Temple of Heaven, where the Imperial Emperors worshipped and prayed for a good harvest. It has a history of over 570 years. Hotel transfers and lunch are included. Tour available by coach or private car.

Great Wall & Summer Palace

Visit the incredible Great Wall of China, built more than 2,000 years ago. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before continuing to the Summer Palace -- one of the biggest and most famous royal gardens in world. Originally built in 1750, it was used by the emperors and empresses as a summer villa. In 1860, it was burned by the British French Allied Army and restored in 1888. Hotel transfers and lunch are included. Tour available by coach or private car.

(*) Prices are US Dollars per person.