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Strahan Village - West Coast   


The Esplanade is on the waterfront in the heart of Strahan. Strahan Village is a collection of unique cottage, terrace or motel units on the hilltop.


141 rooms with balcony/patio (terraces and some executive spa suites) and TV. Property features 3 restaurants, 2 bars, coffee shop, tour desk, and parking.

Strahan Village, on Tasmania's stunning West Coast, is on the doorstep of an ancient wilderness. Cruise on the Gordon River and explore the World Heritage rainforest. Journey into the pioneering past on the 1896 West Coast Wilderness Railway. Relax in one of the charming waterfront cottages and terraces, or on the hilltop.

As you wind your way towards Strahan on Tasmania’s West Coast, you are struck by the unique vistas before you. Small, abandoned mining towns sit as ghosts of a bygone era, natural springs turn to torrents streaming from rock faces during the winter rains, and dense bushland closes overhead adding mystery to the destination ahead.

You can access Strahan via two directions – one through coastal bushland that stretches towards the open sea, and the other through temperate rainforests that closely guard the vast mountain ranges and pristine lakes and rivers of Tasmania’s heart.

Both journeys capture the essence of this little fishing village perched on the edge of Macquarie Harbour – six times the size of Sydney Harbour and as uninhabited as Sydney’s is populous.

This town is thriving on its rich history and unique location through a burgeoning tourism industry featuring the Gordon River Cruise through World Heritage rainforest; the West Coast Wilderness Railway journey telling tales of a fascinating past; the unique Piners and Miners four-wheel-drive ride on rail and road that takes you into a world of rivalry and deception and ends in a gourmet feast under the forest canopy; and the new Bonnet Island Experience – a twilight cruise out to a remote island that is home to fairy penguins.

Bonnet Island, at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour, is the perfect refuge for a thriving colony of Little Penguins, living in harmony with Short-tailed Shearwaters.

As dusk falls, a knowledgeable local guide tells haunting tales of the people who lived on the island all year, weathering the harsh conditions, as well as generations of Tasmanian Aboriginal people who roamed these shores. Specially designed burrows have been added to the island’s natural features, with in-built cameras allowing you to have a look at life on the inside for the little birds.

Whatever the weather, the experience is provided in great comfort aboard a fast cruiser, departing Strahan in time to go ashore on Bonnet Island just before dusk to enjoy gourmet local Tasmanian specialties. After viewing these birds in their natural habitat, you return to Strahan in time for a restorative sleep to tackle the day ahead.

Set right on the waterfront overlooking the fishing port, Strahan Village’s individual cottages and terraces take you back to a time where the wild west was inhabited by miners, piners, fishermen and their families. Or watch birds swirling above the waters of Macquarie Harbour from your Hilltop accommodation overlooking Strahan Village. Sip Tasmania’s finest wines while you watch the sun set from your private deck.

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