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The thought of Japan conjures up images of demure geishas, soaring temples, and bustling cityscapes…it’s a land of contrasts, where ultra-modern technology rubs shoulders with ancient traditions. Japan’s attractions range from historic and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights, from beautiful forests to mountains and sea coasts.

In Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, the energy of the crowded streets draws visitors like a magnet. Museums, shops, sights abound—but take a break to experience a traditional tea ceremony.

Kyoto, the cultural center of Japan, was the imperial capital for over 1000 years, and retains a heritage of temples and gardens, palaces and museums—and the secret world of the geisha.

The historic port, waterways and canals are a legacy of Osaka’s maritime heritage. The city combines history and culture with hearty local cuisine. In Japan, the artful presentation of food is a very important enhancement of its flavor, so a meal can be truly a feast for all of the senses.

Wherever your travels in Japan take you, you’ll be sure to unlock cultural treasures of a uniquely complex land.

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