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Bali Travel Tips & Information

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How to Get There

  • No direct flights
  • Bali�s International airport is Denpasar (DPS) den-pa-sar
  • Partners - Eva Airways & Cathay Pacific offer best connections ex USA from LAX/SFO/JFK/EWR
  • CX flight duration: 15 + 5 hours via HKG from LAX
  • Eva flight duration: 13 + 5 hours via TPE from LAX
  • longer coming back + 2-3hrs

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  • The southern region of Bali is home to the majority of the resort areas and all of these are in easy reach by taxi from Bali's International Airport
  • Passports / Visa�s / Departure Tax
  • Valid passport that extends 6 months validity from arrival.
  • Tourist visa�s are obtained on arrival and paid in USD
    (US/Mexico/Canada Passport holders � check for other
  • US$25 for a 30-day visa and US$10 for a 6-day visit.
  • On leaving, travelers will need to pay a Departure Tax of
    Rp 150,000 (pay in local currency).
  • Language - Official is Indonesian, English is widely spoken

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Travel Facts

  • Climate
  • Bali has a tropical monsoon climate
  • Dry season JUNE to SEPTEMBER (low humidity & cool
  • Wet season OCTOBER to MARCH (heavy showers &
     high humidity)
  • Average Temperature year round 68-93F      
  • Bali has very cheap transport by international standards
  • Most taxi trips cost Rp 35,000 to 60,000
  • Blue taxi�s are official taxis and use a meter
  • Negotiate rates and agree BEFORE getting into a taxi
    (unless they use a meter)
  • Internet Access
  • - Widely available at hotels and internet caf�s
  • Electricity
  • - 220 Volts / Converter- Two pronged slim plug

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Why Should You Go

  • Great weather year round
  • Beautiful beaches, surfing, diving
  • Culture, local artists
  • Friendly locals
  • Value for money++
  • Cuisine

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What to Do

  • Shopping
    - Traditional Asian markets for batik, brightly painted masks,
       basketry, leather items
    - paintings, carvings and silver jewelry
    - Custom made clothing, especially suits and leather jackets
    - Teak furniture. By the shipping crate
  • Spa's
  • Great dining in restaurants
  • Very lively bar scene. This is Australia�s version of Cancun
  • Surfing: great on the western side of the island
  • Jungle Trekking: Explore and discover Bali's glorious flora and fauna of Mount Batukaru in an 'off-beaten' track adventure in a tropical rainforest.

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Travel Tips

  • The high season is July and August and again at Christmas and New Year
    - Australians also visit during school holidays in early Apr,
      late Jun and late Sept. 
  • Bargaining in markets and stores is part of the whole shopping experience
    - If it has a price tag though � that is the price
  • Don�t drink the tap water but Ice is OK
  • Balinese are very friendly people
  • Tipping is about 10%

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The Day of Absolute Silence (Nyepi Day)

  • The Balinese New Year
  • Nyepi is a very special day to the Balinese as this is the day that they have to fool all evil spirits that no one is actually on Bali - hence the need for silence. It is believed that the evil spirits will go looking elsewhere for their prey and leave Bali island alone for another year.
  • Balinese people are very religious and life is full of ritual - Nyepi is one of the most important days in their calendar.
  • Tourists are confined to their hotels. After dark, light must be kept to a bare minimum. No one is allowed onto the beaches or streets. The airport remains closed for the entire day, which means no flights into or out of Bali for 24 hours
  • Nyepi Dates:
    -  4th April 2011
    -  23rd March 2012

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Best Resort Areas

  • Kuta: Need to know, don�t need to stay, party central
  • Legian: next to Kuta, beach not as nice
  • Seminyak: best for mid-high end resorts
  • Nusa Dua: best for Luxury, many brand name chain resorts are here
  • Jimbaran Bay: Super-Luxury 90210
  • Ubud: good for art/nature/culture lovers and featured in the book Eat, Pray, Love

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Things to Do in Bali

  • Hiking/walking tours in the rice fields
  • River Rafting
  • Balinese Dance Performances
  • Balinese Music and Theater Shows
  • Massage/Body work from $5.00 an hour
  • Spas for all budgets
  • Pancha Karma
  • Art Classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Pools for swimming
  • Gamelon (Classical Balinese Music) Classes
  • Elephant Park
  • Monkey Forest
  • Hot Springs and Waterfalls/ Healing waters
  • Temples and Sacred spaces to visit, special to island of Bali

Goa Gajah �the elephant cave"
Bali Treetop Adventure Park
* Sail Through the Forest
Danau Batur (Lake Batur)
* Crater lake and volcano
* Famous temple and geographical location
* Historical beachside resort
Gunung Agung (Mount Agung)
* Bali's holiest mountain 
Pro Dive Bali
* Full-service dive center
Gunung Batur (Mount Batur)
* Mountain and active volcano
Botanic Garden
* Green Part of Bali
* Attractions   
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
* Temple in the Lake
Pura Besakih
* Bali's mother temple
Pura Tirta Gangga
* Historic Hindu Temple
Museum Semarajaya
* Of historical interest  
Monkey Forest Sanctuary (The)
* Wild monkeys
* The A-Z of Bali
Legian Beach
* Beach for surfing and swimming
Kebun Raya Eka Karya (Bedugul Botanical Gardens)
* Bali's Botanical Gardens
Tanah Lot
* Idyllic white sand
* Sleepy Balinese village
Taman Burung Bali (Bali Bird Park)
* Charming aviary of exotic birds 
* Village on edge of volcano
Kuta Beach
* Bali's ever-popular beach
Ubud Shopping District
* Boutique Bonanza
Pura Taman Ayun
* Temple above river
Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu
* Exquisite garden temple

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Calendar of Events


"Tumpek wayang", it is the special day for puppeteers, when blessing ceremony is given to shadow puppet play set for "taksu" (magical charm and power) throughout Bali.


"Saraswati", the day devoted to God as Sanghyang Aji Saraswati symbolized a Beautiful Goddess of Knowledge, sciences and arts, when blessing ceremony is given to holy scriptures, books of sciences and arts for every family compound throughout Bali.


"Banyupinaruh day", when the Balinese go to every beach, river, lake and spring, to purity themselves and pray for wisdom and wits, at dawn. Throughout Bali.


"Comaribek day", when blessing ceremony is held for every source of living (rice, barn, spring, etc). throughout Bali.


"Pagerwesi ceremony", The word "Pagerwesi", "literally means" "iron fence" (Pager= fence, wesi= iron) This day is devoted to �Sanghyang Pramesti Guru� (God as lord of the universe), when Hindu followers pray for strong mental defense to face life obstacles.


6 - 10         

Ubud�s Writers and Readers Festival � Bhinneka Tunggal Ika


"Tumpek Landep day", the day devoted to Sanghyang Pasupati (as the Lord of all metal implements) when blessing ceremony is given to heirlooms weapons and the other metal tools ( including cars) for magical power and proper function. Throughout Bali.

Tumpek Landep



Tumpek Uduh

"Tumpek Uduh" (Tumpek Wariga) the day devoted to God as "Sanghyang Sangkara", Lord of all food-plants and vegetation, when blessing ceremony is held for good crop and product.



4th International Global Healing Conference and Film Festival � Ubud


"Galungan celebration", as to commemorate the victory of �Dharma� (virtue) upon �Adharma� ( evil) based on the mythology of � Mayadenawa� the demon king who was involved ia a war against God Indra�s troops. On this day , a tall bamboo �pole decorated with young coconut leaves, flower, fruit and cakes is stuck on every house entrance and make a marvelous sight along the village roads symbolizing prosperity, throughout Bali.


Kuningan Holiday

"Kuningan" holiday, the last day of Galungan celebration, believed to be the ascendant day of the central holy spirits and Deities to Heaven after sojourning for several days on this material world. Special offering made of yellow rice and special dishes are offered on this day, while every family compound and temple looks amazing with ornaments made of young coconut leaves and flowers. Throughout Bali




International Bali-India Yoga Festival




An important event that is celebrated throughout Bali, Nyepi is the Hindu Day of Silence and the Hindu New Year. On the night before the celebrations, it is traditional to clean the home, cook meals and do all the necessary preparations before the silence and inactivity of the following day. On the day of Nyepi, all businesses, restaurants, and entertainments are closed and the whole island stays silent and indoors for a day of contemplation. Although foreign hotel guests are exempt from the strict rules of Nyepi, many choose to participate in the same acts of silence and self-reflection. No arrival or departure flights at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar - Bali. No tours activities.



The Galungan Ceremony.
One of Bali's major festivals, celebrates the return of Balinese gods and deified ancestors to Bali. For ten days, Balinese families will entertain and welcome with prayers and offerings, along with ceremonies to cleanse and balance the inner and outer energy on the island. Galungan lasts for 10 days and features, among other things, barongs dancing from temple to temple in each village. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. The origins of Galungan are still a mystery, but essentially this is the beginning of the week in which the gods and ancestors descend to earth�and good triumphs over evil.


The Kuningan Ceremony.
This festival is held ten days after the Galungan Festival, signifying the closing of the new year holiday. On this day, special offerings made of yellow rice and special dishes are offered, while every family compound and temple looks amazing with ornaments. Believed to be the ascendant day of ancestral holy spirits and Deities back to heaven.

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Dapur Sonya Da Vespa
Cuisines: Pan-Asian and Pacific Rim
Price: less than US $10
Rating: 5/5
Vespa scooter inspired warung/caf� with an awesome vibe, specializing in the best Indonesian food at local prices.

Ryohsi Japanese Restaurant
Cuisines: Japanese
Ryoshi offers several styles of Japanese cooking: sashimi, tempura, sushi, mochi, teppanyaki, robatayaki and noodles. The affordable prices and a reliably consistent menu, supported by a constant supply of fresh fish, are what made Ryoshi an island icon.
A great Japanese meal with simple, good food, pleasant presentation in a refreshingly cool air-conditioned atmosphere on the second level of Bali Garden Hotel overlooks the hubbub passing by on the street below.

Juice Caf�
Cuisines: Health
Fruits and vegetables go into the food at this funky bakery-caf�. Little brochures explain the provenance of items like the organic cashew nuts.

Kafe Batan Waru
Cuisines: Indonesian
This ever-popular caf� serves authentic Balinese dishes. The dishes are served with a dash of colour and flair and the mie goreng noodles are made fresh daily. Western dishes include sandwiches and salads.

Nomad Restaurant
Cuisines: Balinese
Rating: Offers a daily barbecue, often with a german player providing the soundtrack. Balinese food is served in tapas-sized portions.

Bumbu Bali
Cuisines: Balinese Great Balinese food in the heart of Ubud. The menu features dishes such as lawar (green bean salad), ayam pelalah (spicy shredded chicken salad) and sambal goreng udang (prawns in a tangy coconut milk sauce)

Cinta Grill Ubud�s newest watering hole was a favorite for the cast and crew of �Eat, Pray & Love�.
Offering a wide array of global favorites, Cinta Grill holds up Bali Good Food�s reputation. Monkey Forest Road; 62-361-975-395;

Farmers Ben and Blair Ripple paired up with James Beard Award-nominee Will Goldfarb for Bali�s ultimate farm-to-table experience. The all organic seven-course menu comes from Big Tree Farms�s properties. Their farm in the village of Dualang, just outside Ubud, provides the backdrop for dishes such as Balinese suckling pig with baby watercress salad and purple mustard vinaigrette.
To reserve, call 62-361-461-978; e-mail blair@bigtreebali.com;

Australian Janet de Neefe�s decade-old Indus is an Ubud favorite. The restaurants� scenic spot overlooks the Tjampuhan River and stretchs of rice paddies. On clear days, you can even see Gunung Agung, Bali�s highest volcano. Raya Road; 62-361-977-684; www.casalunabali.com/indus

Siam Sally
The Eat, Pray, Love crew hung out here on its time off to devour the signature seafood drunken noodles (rice noodles with prawn, squid, mussels, hot chili and fresh basil). Hanoman Road; 62-361-980-777;

Warung Taman
This gently priced street stall is a local favorite for Indonesia�s national dish, si goreng � fried rice with shrimp, chicken and egg spiced with tamarind and chili. Sriwedari Road; 62-361-970-509

Nusa dua

Kayuputi at St. Regis Bali Resort
Cuisines: Indonesian, International, Japanese, Seafood, Vegetarian Dining Options: Dinner Rating: 4.5/5
Contemporary cuisine by Chef Oscar Perez is based on fresh and quality ingredients. Chef Perez integrates Asian flavors and classic Western influences and offers Wagyu beef from Australia, seafood from local waters as well as imported specialties. A selection of Sturia and Prunier caviar and oysters varies according to season. Chef Perez's menu also includes delectable vegetarian selections and a variety of organic produce.

Boneka Restaurant at St. Regis Bali Resort
Cuisines: Asian Dining Options: Breakfast/Brunch Rating: 4.5/5 Experience the finest tea service on the island and enjoy a fresh, a la carte breakfast watching the spectacular sunrise. There is always the option of The St. Regis Bali Resort's signature Bloody Mary, a revered tradition at all St. Regis Hotels. At any time, views from the beautifully adorned restaurant are as enticing as the cuisine. Fresh, seasonal, and wonderfully varied, the menu embraces influences from east to west.

Kendi Kuning Bar & Restaurant
Cuisines: Indonesian Ocean Front Rating: 4.5/5 Kuning bar & restaurant has one of the best family and gourmet menus in the region. Always prepared with the freshest of regional ingredients, the restaurant has recaptured the grand ambiance of both the Nusa Dua Bali resorts and traditional fisherman village. Enjoy an elegant luncheon under an umbrella by the beach.

Benoa Caf�
Rating: 4/5 An ideal destination for those wanting to experience a delicious meal in unique decor and and intimate setting. Generous portions of quality food and impeccable service.

Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School
Cuisine: Balinese
Rating: 4.5/5
Bali�s first authentic Balinese restaurant was created following the principals used in designing a traditional Balinese home compound. On the menu you will find food prepared in Balinese homes or during traditional ceremonies.

Nusa dua Beach Grill, Geger Beach
Cuisines: Local (seafood)
Rating: A hidden gem, this warm hued cafe is just south of Geger Beach on foot, 1.5km by car. The drink menu is long, the seafood fresh and the atmosphere redolent with assignations.

Warung Dobiel
Cuisines: Local food - pork
This open-front warung is well known for its pork. Pork sate, pork soup, and green beans with shredded pork are among the favorites. The saut�ed jackfruit will make you a convert; the green sambal is redolent with spices.

(*) Prices are US Dollars per person.